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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

1. Cookie files are created and downloaded by the website operator of KFE Holding Sp. z o.o. with a registered seat at ul. Czerniakowska 71, 00-718 Warsaw.
2. The website uses cookie files stored in the User’s terminal unit in order to record basic IT data such as the domain name, cookie storage time and the unique number.
3. The website retrieves only the data stored in the cookie files. It never retrieves any other data in a passive manner.
4. Cookie files are used to:

  • identify the User’s needs and preferences
  • compile statistics
  • maintain the User’s session at the Website (after logging in)
  • personalizing advertisements targeted at the User
  • conduct surveys and provide templates
  • authenticate the visitors


5. The Website uses two kinds of cookie files:

  • session cookies, which are temporary and deactivate after the session is over
  • persistent cookies which remain in the memory of the browser. Their storage time is adjustable, and can be selected in the settings of the browser. Cookie files can also be removed manually in the browser settings.

6. Monitoring of the website traffic is conducted by means of Google Analytics statistics. The purpose of these statistics is to collect data on the use the website and its popularity. By using the contents of this Website you accept that your basic data may be analyzed by Google Analytics. The details of the analyzed data are shown in the following table:


Cookie name Type Purpose
__utmz Persistent Storage of information on how the User reached our site
__utma Persistent Storage of information on the number of visits by a given User
__utmb Persistent Storage of time/duration of a visit at the website
__utmc Session Storage of time/duration of a visit at the website

The monitoring of the Website is also performed by means of Edito CMS using the following types of cookie files:


Cookie name Type Purpose
CMS Session Storage of session ID
lang Persistent Language version of the website
kontenerIdBloku Persistent Information connected with single display of pop-up banner


7. In order to allow for the use of cookies it is necessary to accept their application in the web browser. Each browser has the option to modify the settings connected with the application of cookie files and to delete them manually. Detailed information on the option and methods of handling cookie files is available in Help bookmark in the menu of your browser.
8. Lack of consent for application of some or all cookie files may restrict your access to some resources available at the Website or limit its functionality.
9. Cookie files may be used by entities cooperating with the Website, i.e. advertisers and partners.

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