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Rules for electronic services delivery by dated 14 June 2013

I General

1. These Rules are applicable to the Users of electronic services provided by the Service Provider via the Internet Website accessible at:, hereinafter called “Website”.
2. The Service Provider, as per these Rules, is KFE Holding Sp. z o.o., a limited liability company with the initial capital of PLN 50,000.00, with a registered seat in Warszawa, ul. Czerniakowska 71, registered in the District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Registry, against KRS number: 255059, NIP (tax identification number) 521-33-84-754, hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”.
3. Definitions used herein shall have the following meaning:
a) Contact Form – a questionnaire designed to collect personal data and other information accumulated by the Website and necessary for the performance of services by the Service Provider;
b) Newsletter – a service allowing the User to subscribe to and receive free-of-charge e-mails, commercial information and other information specified by the User;
c) Website – the site available at the internet address:
d) User – a physical person, residing in Poland or abroad, who filled in Contact Form at the Website;
e) Services – activities performed for the User by the Service Provider or third parties, against payment or free of charge, resulting from the purpose of the Website or corresponding with the Service Provider’s business operations, most importantly connected with mediation in contacts with foreign construction companies, and other activities.

II General Terms for Using the Services

1. The use of Services on offer from the Service Provider is optional and free of charge for all Users who have filled in the Contact Form at the Website.

2. The Service Provider is entitled to introduce a fee for selected Services. In each case the User shall be notified about a necessity to pay a fee before any such fee is charged to the User.

3. The Service Provider renders services for Users by its own means. The Service Provider may delegate performance of certain services to third parties or provide services via third parties which may act on behalf or for the benefit of the Service Provider. Every time in such situation the Service Provider shall notify the User about such party, its address and other data.

4. To enable proper use all the services provided at the Website the User must have PC or Mac based equipment or similar computer with Internet connection, equipped with an operating system (e.g. Linux, Mac OS, Windows or similar) and Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or similar).

III Filling in Contact Form at Website, Protection of Personal Data

1. Before using any Services provided at the Website each User should fill in the Contact Form available online at: A completed Contact Form is equivalent to electronic services delivery agreement executed by the User and the Service Provider for indefinite period of time.

2. When completing the Contact Form the User is obliged to supply true and correct data. The Service Provider may not be held liable for any consequences resulting from untrue or incorrect data supplied by the User.

3. The User may update his/her data accumulated at the Website, as required. The data are updated by sending an e-mail to the site administrator’s address: .

4. The Service Provider ensures protection of Users’ personal data accumulated at the Website and supplied at the time of filling in the Contact Form in a manner complying with Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101 item 926, as amended) and with these Rules. The Service Provider is the administrator of the collection of data.

5. When completing the Contact Form at the Website the User supplies in particular the following personal data: first and last name, e-mail address, contact phone number, position in the company, contact details for the company owned by User or in which he/she is employed.
6. In order to use specific Services, in particular Services involving mediation in contacts with foreign construction companies, the User may be required to supply other data.

7. The User supplies his/her personal data voluntarily and freely, and the following data

    a. first and last name,
    b. e-mail address,
    c. contact phone number,
    d. name of company,
    e. town and postal code,
    f. address,
    g. region,

are required for accuracy and completeness of Contact Form and for the provision of services on offer at the Website.



8. By completing Contact Form, the User agrees for processing, collecting, filing, storing, reviewing, providing access to, forwarding and deleting his/her personal data in a manner defined by Privacy Policy of

9. User agrees for the Service Provider to collect, accumulate and process the following technical and technological data:

    a) IP address,
    b) Uniform resource locator (url),
    c) Internet address from which the User entered Service Provider’s website,
    d) Type of browser employed by the User,
    e) Other technical information transmitted via http protocol.



10. Additional information concerning the storage of data for the needs of functionality is contained in “Privacy Policy” (Cookie Files).

11. Due to the fact that some services on offer at the Website are provided by third parties, it may be necessary to disclose the User’s personal data to such third persons. In each case the User shall be asked for his/her consent to disclose or forward his/her personal data prior to such disclosure.
12. The User herein agrees for receiving technical information and other data connected with the operation of the Website, which the Service Provider shall send to the submitted e-mail address.

IV Liability of the Parties


1. While using services rendered by the Service Provider each User undertakes to:

    a) comply with the laws, in particular with regulations on protection of personal data and personality rights of other parties,
    b) act in accordance with these Rules,
    c) use the Services in compliance with their purpose,
    d) respect generally binding laws, rules of conduct and personality rights of other Users,
    e) refrain from using any techniques and equipment interfering with the operation of information infrastructure.
2. The Service Provider may not be held liable for actions and omissions attributable to the Users. In particular the Service Provider shall not be held liable due to violation of personality rights or copyrights of third parties by the Users or third parties.
3. The Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily discontinue access to the Website, particularly for technical reasons. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the Website failures caused by reasons beyond the Service Provider’s control.
4. The Service Provider shall not be liable for contents and data supplied by the Users.


V Terms of Service Delivery
1. The User may, at any time and at his/her own discretion, start or stop using specific Services.

2. The Service Provider may expand or limit the scope of Services on offer, or discontinue a Service. In order to do so, the Service Provider amends these Rules and notifies the Users following the procedure described herein, in section VII, Final Provisions, clause 2. In such case the User may terminate the contract with the Service Provider, in compliance with a notice period.

3. These Rules may be declared invalid by the User who sends a relevant request to the Service Provider via e-mail (e-mail address: ), with two week notice period.

4. The Service Provider may terminate its contract with the User, with two week notice period, if:
a) The User takes advantage of services on offer at the Website in a manner which violates generally binding standards of conduct;
b) The User violates rights of third parties;
c) The User commits flagrant infringement of the provisions set forth in these Rules.

5. The Service Provider’s notifications concerning termination of the contract with User are submitted via means of electronic communication, to the e-mail address supplied by the User in the Contact Form.

6. The Service Provider stops rendering services to the User after the expiry of the notice period. In the case the User made prepayment for services rendered for a fee, the Service Provider shall be obliged to return to the User any overpaid amounts.

7. Detailed provisions concerning specific Services on offer may be defined by separate rules and descriptions of such Services.


VI Newsletter

1. By accepting these Rules the User agrees for receiving commercial information from the Service Provider, in accordance with Art. 10 clause 2, of the Act of 18 July 2002 on providing services by electronic means (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204) to e-mail address given in the Contact Form, and by means of individual communications forwarded by the Website’s infrastructure to unspecified number of Users.
2. The User may at any time cancel his/her subscription to the Newsletter by sending e-mail message to the Service Provider’s address: or via a link in the newsletter footer.

VII Final Provisions
1. The Service Provider reserves the right to amend these Rules at any time, for important reasons, particularly as a result of change in the scope of Services on offer, or a change in regulations. Such change becomes valid two weeks after relevant notification is sent to the Users.

2. Notification concerning a change in the contents of the Rules may be effected in particular by posting relevant information on the Website and by sending information to e-mail address given in the Contact Form.

3. If the User does not accept Services performed in a manner defined by amended Rules, he/she may terminate the agreement with a two week notice.

4. By completing the Form at the Website the User accepts the provisions of the Rules.

5. These Rules become effective as of 14 June 2013.

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